Bench Power Tool Station

A cost-effective work bench to fit in a 6' x 4'6" garden shed. Not everyone has room for a spacious workshop so for those of us who's pastime involves clamboring over piles of junk and offcuts in a tiny shed he're my attempt at organising myself.


bench power tool staionThe bench is built super-low to bring the work level of tools such as benchtop table saws to a workable height which often for me necessitates being seated the majority of the time.

bench power tool station

The frame is L-shaped to make the most of the space available in a shall garden shed and uses simple and easy to make screwed & glued butt joints reinforced with 16mm dowels and features an overhead shelf.

bench power tool station

The sketchup plans contain all measurements though they can be readily altered to suit different sized sheds and the entire bench and shelves can be made from one sheet of 18mm plywood and 5 off 3.4m 2x4 joists. At nominal cost an additional shelf can also be mounted below the worktops which are substantial enough to allow hinged router tabled to be suspended from them which can be folded down when not in use.

Download the sketchup plans