Dashware Guages

A couple of small corner gauges for use with dashware that I've modified for use with the Yuneec Q500 series of multirotors. Both gauges are basically identical and display the height above ground, the distance the quad is from the tx, and it's airspeed - including vertical airspeed while climbing or descending.

The Imperial version of the gauge shows airspeed in MPH and height/distance in feet:-

Imperial corner gague


The Metric version of the gauge shows airspeed in KPH and height/distance in metres:-


Download both versions of the gauges here then open your Dashware installation and use it's "Import Guages" function to add them to your existing guage sets. The flightpath gague shown on the bottom left of both images should already be part of your dashware installation.


A massive all-in-one dashware guage for the Yuneec Q500 Typhoon. This gauge set offers far too much information to take in at a glance but displays every available Q500 telemetry parameter and more and serves as an excellent diagnostic tool. (Gauges best viewed if you play the following video full-screen.)

Download this gauge set by right-clicking and doing a "save as" here then importing the gauge into dashware as you would any other.

In order to pull the Q500 data fields into dashware you'll also need to type the following code snippet into a file in dashware's "Settings" subdirectory with the filename CustomDataTypes.xml ...

Or alternatively right click this link and save to..."{USERNAME}/My Documents/Dashware/Settings/CustomDataTypes.xml" (NB. Capital Letters In The Filename Are Vital). You will also need to download my yuneec-q500.xml file and place it in your "{USERNAME}/My Documents/Dashware/" folder... and of course the guage set itself Q500.dashware which you will need to "import" into dashware.

All files are subject to chage as development progresses.