Multi-options mini sawmills

Featuring 3 versions of mini sawmills each of which uses the same basic 25mm x 25mm steel hollow box section frame and can mill logs in excess of 12" diameter. In the plans the bottom rails of the red frame are attached with bolts instead of being welded on they can quickly be detached and the cutting head slid off and any of the other cutting heads fitted instead making this a truly versatile go-anywhere small log milling system. The figure in the image is scaled to 5'2" to give you a reasonable idea of it's diminutive size.

mini sawmills

Version 1 shown below is a 2 axis chansaw mill which can cut vertically or horizontally to create dimensional timber and which is suitable for 16" chainsaws in the 2.5 to 4hp range including electric ones.chainsaw mill

Version 2 shown below is a 1 to 2hp treadmill motor belt-driven bandsaw mill utilising 10" wheelbarrow wheels. While these wheels are by far the cheapest the composition of their tyres limits the blade speed more than might be desired.

bandsaw mill

Version 3 shown below is a chain driven variant of the bandsaw mill which uses the larger 12" diameter rear wheels intended for use on mini-moto motor bikes. These wheels although having a flimsier spindle which requires support at both ends are rated for twice the speed of the wheels in the previous version and are mounted inboard of the frame to give a much better centre of gravity.

bandsaw mill

Download the free plans here