A Pagoda shadow-caster lamp

Pagoda Shadow BoxThis Pagoda shadow caster lamp requires the use of a router, intermediate joinery skills, and possibly basic electrical skills.

Featuring japanese themed scroll work the and a pagoda shaped top the box can be fitted with either a simple mains powered bedside light kit a low voltage LED light or a tea candle whichever you prefer.

The sketchup plans include all necessary joinery details and templates and unless you scale up the design I would recommend you go with an LED light setup so as to avoid the possibility of heat builp up within the box if left on overnight.

Four scroll saw panel designs are provided plus you also have the option to leave one panel solid (to avoid light in a given direction) or alternatively cut completely open to provide extra light in a certain direction to aid in reading or what have you;

pagoda panelThe colouring shown on this panel is optional and is achieved by painting the paper backing which is glued to the rear of each panel. Painting may reduce the lamp's ability to cast shadows on distant walls so bear this in mind and do some experimenting before you decide to use colour.

To make the vertical colums of the frame cut and sand four pieces of timber to finished size and stop-route the 3mm wide slots 4mm deep into which the panels will fit. NB. Do NOT drill the hole in the end yet - that is best done when the box is fully assembled;


verticalsNext cut 8 identical pieces for the horizontal rails and route a 3mm slot 4mm deep end to end as follows;

horizontals x 8

Next cut out 4 identical roof beams from 10mm thick timber using the template provided.

top beam

If you don't have sketchup you can use the following images as templates; I heartily recommend purchasing Mattias Wandel's "Big Print" program which lets you specify how big images should be printed. Just right-click each individual image and select "save image as" to download the images to your computer.

Download the sketchup file