Scroll Saw Dish & Eye Bowl Set

The finished eye bowlFollow the plans for the Scroll Saw Segmented Eye Bowl (download the sketchup plans here) up to the point where you would normally start to add the finish.


Clamp a dremel or other suitable multi-tool  in a vertical attitude and mount a cutting disk as shown below so you can rotate the bowl to separate the top three rings while keeping the bowl perfectly flat on the worktop;

Sand the newly cut edge flat and rough-cut a base for what is to become the dish out of 1.5mm ply and glue it on before carefully sanding the edges to match the dish's profile.

1.5mm plywood base for the dish

Take what remains of the original bowl and again sand the newly cut edge to match the the edge already on the dish.

scroll saw dish and bowl set

The finished project once suitably decorate will grace any living room or bedroom.

the finished dish and eye bowl set

Download the sketchup plans