The Silly Moo Fridge Clock

Never run out of milk again with this timely reminder of it's importance in a decent cup of tea. This image has been doing the rounds of the scroll saw community as long as I've been a part of it, but I took it one step further by recreating it in Sketchup, adding a clock and four magnets feet to the back so it can be attached right to your fridge door.

The parts are cut from 3mm ply and attached to a poster board backing plate to keep the weight as low as possible. Attaching the clock is easy, drill a suitably sized hole in the right place and the clock mechanism pokes right through it allowing the nut that comes with the clock to be put on the front before the hands are put on.

For those who aren't into Sketchup the image below makes a reasonable enough pattern. Simply right-click it and select "save image as" to get it onto your disk.

Download the Sketchup plans