My Home Made Tools

Router Lathe Router Lathe

A machine for turning ornate chair and table legs bullastrades/candlesticks etc. Can machine transitional features, plus optional profiles, flutes and spirals, to form either straight, tapered, or profiled legs from raw stock up to 150mm dia x 800mm long.

Tiny Triple Sanding Station The Tiny Triple Sanding Station

Designed specifically for sanding small intarsia and other scrool saw cut pieces the tiny triple sanding station is powered by the 60W motor from a floor-standing electric fan.

3D Pantograph

My 3D pantograph is buit to take a small inexpensive spindle motor rather than a router but it can also be easily adapted for use with ay dremel-style rotary tool.

Power Carving TurntablePower Carving Turntable

screw advance box joint jigScrew Advance Box Joint Jig

Small enough for use with table-top table saws this jig allows you to cut all the fingers on one end of all 4 sides of the box at once.

scroll saw blade storageScroll Saw Blade Storage

Junior Scroll Sawjunior scroll saw

300mm parallell arm scroll saw300mm parallell arm scroll saw

diy 16" scroll sawDIY 16" scroll saw

200mm thickness and flatbed sander200mm thickness & flatbed sander

drill press tableBench drill press table

flip-top power tool cartFlip-top powetool cart

3 axis router mill3 axis copying router mill

multi-slot morticing machineMulti-slot morticing machine

foam hotwire cutterRight angle foam hotwire cutter

easy dado jigEasy Dado Jig

worktop tableWorktop table & Scroll Saw Stand

DIY Sash ClampDIY Sash Clamp

easy dado jigEasy Dado Jig

tiny dual sanderTiny dual sander

Wood turning calipersWood turning calipers

Fingernail Grinding JigBowl Gouge Grinding Jig

Suitcase Vacuum FormerSuitcase Vacuum Former

Shed BenchesShed Benches

Router ThicknesserRouter Thicknesser

Display Storage UnitDisplay Storage Unit

Bench Power Tool StationBench Power Tool Station

Garden Chainsaw MillGarden Chainsaw Mill

mini sawmillsMulti-options mini sawmills